Durable Extension Black Aluminum Telescopic Ladder for Loft

Item No.: ST260B
MOQ: 100/pieces
OEM: Available
Sample: Available
Port: Ningbo China
Payment: T/T, L/C
Place of Origin: China
Supply Ability: 3000 piece per week
≧500 Units $ 26.81

Ladder is an indispensable tool for maintenance workers, but there are so many types of ladders, how should we choose?
DEYOU think telescopic ladder is the most suitable for maintenance workers who often need to work outdoors.
Reasons below:
1, Easy to transport, just an electric bike or a car is enough to take it.
2, Easy to handle, workers may need to change different places when working, and portable ladder can save their energy.
3, Flexible, the height of ladder can be adjusted to meet the different scenes needs.

Model ST200B ST260B ST290B ST320B ST380B ST440B
Step 7 9 10 11 13 15
Height 2.0m/6.5ft 2.6m/8.5ft 2.9m/9.5ft 3.2m/10.5ft 3.8m/12.5ft 4.4m/14.4ft
CBM 0.023 0.029 0.032 0.036 0.039 0.045

Professional EN131 telescopic ladder 3 step step stool Stainless Steel Double Telescopic Ladder Telescopic A Frame Ladder