Compact Double Telescopic Ladder Aluminium DEYOU

Item No.: MT380
MOQ: 100/pieces
OEM: Available
Sample: Available
Port: Ningbo, Shanghai China
Payment: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL
Supply Ability: 3000 piece per week
Lead Time: 7~25 days

Telescopic Ladder Overview

● For Outdoor Working, Household Use, More Durable and Safer with Balance Rod.
● To meet your different daily needs, like replacing bulbs, cleaning windows, decorating rooms, and more.
● The max height of a-frame is 1.9m. It can be extended as a straight ladder of which max height can reach 3.8m.
● Max capacity: 150kgs/ 330lbs.
A man is washing his car standing on a double telescopic ladder
A man straddling a double telescopic ladder checking a camera
A girl stands on a double telescopic ladder and repairs a light bulb

Ladder Features

hinge of double telescopic ladder high quality aluminium t6063 of double telescopic ladder
             Firm hinge with support plates
              High quality aluminium T6063
                            make ladder change style freely
                  good corrosion resistance and long service life
anti-slip stabilizer bar of double telescopic ladder stabilizer bar with wheels and anti-slip pads of double telescopic ladder
                    Anti-slip stabilizer bar
                  Wheels and bar-leg pads
                soft rubber sleeves protect floor from damage
                  easier transfer of ladder; extra floor grip pads

Ladder Specification

Model MT320 MT380 MT440 MT500 MT560 MT620
Step 5x2 6x2 7x2 8x2 9x2 10x2
A-Frame Extension Height 1.6+1.6m 1.9+1.9m 2.2+2.2m 2.5+2.5m 2.8+2.8m 3.1+3.1m
Max Use Height 3.85m 4.45m 5m 5.65m 6.25m 6.85m
Closed Height 84cm 87cm 90cm 93cm 97cm 99cm
Product Weight 11.2kg 12.8kg 14.65kg 16.85kg 19.05kg 21.3kg
CBM 0.076 0.082 0.085 0.087 0.092 0.093

More About DEYOU Double Telescopic Ladder

● Small size after closed, easy to carry out, in car boot, scooter, bicycle.
● Adjustable frame. Ideal for using on stairs and uneven surface.
● Strong aluminum alloy construction - supports up to 330 lb.
● Ladder connection hinge strong-level multi-choice.
● Free stabilizer bar with multi parts for stable-standing.
● Production capacity guarantee, delivery time of OEM order 15~25 days.
● Ensures safe delivery by good-quality packaging.