Who we are? How do we do?
We are direct ladder factory and international exporter, years of experience in telescopic ladder, multipurpose ladder, extension ladder, household step ladder...

* We have always preferred to be partner with customers, rather than a simple business relationship. If you have never been involved in the ladder industry, we are willing to be with you, growing together and getting stronger together; if you are in this industry, we are willing to be your most loyal backing, explore more possibilities of ladders with you, fully support you, and help you.
* Product is no doubt the core, which we keep in mind whether we're production workers, bosses or sales staff.
one-year product warranty guarantee is available.
* We produce many types of telescopic ladder, there is most suitable one that earns profit for you, also we have strength to customize what you need to help buiding your own brand ladder.
* DEYOU team can provide HD photos and videos and help think of marketing plan.
* We can finish ladders under 1500pcs within 10days, let you win the market earlier.
7500 square meters factory with 18 injection molding machines, 2 pipe cutting machines, 3 punching machines, 1 pipe winding machine, etc.

There are two fixed cooperation suppliers of metal materials, the
plastic parts are produced by ourselves.

Skilled workers working in the factory for 3 consecutive years to ensure consistent batch number and quality of products.

The documenter will follow up the material preparation before production, QC will check the product quality and status after
production according to the order requirements, salesman assist the customer to complete the product inspection and then arrange the shipment.

We work hard for ourselves and our families, serving our clients with enthusiasm and efficiency.
Our goal is to be a reliable supplier of made in China.
We invite you to be our customer, our friend, even our partner.
04 / Sep
How to use telescopic ladder most safely
Climbing is a dangerous thing in any case. Once an accident occurs, the consequences are not what we want to see. In addition to choosing a good-quality ladder, it is necessary to avoid accidents caused by improper use.
19 / Apr
Attention! the misunderstanding of telescopic ladder
The taller the ladder, the better it is? No, that's a wrong thought.
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