Who we are? How do we do?
We are professional direct ladder factory and international exporter, 7-years of OEM ODM experience in telescopic ladder, household step ladder, multipurpose ladder, extension ladder, combination ladder, folding ladder and ladder accessories...

* 7500 square meter workshop | 60 skilled workers.
DEYOU factory can finish ladders under 1500pcs within 10 days, let you win the market earlier.

* Save 20% of your energy.
Each of our salespersons has more than 9 years of trading experience. They are conscientious and responsible, also familiar with all product knowledge and foreign trade processes and details. They can handle all emergencies well and ensure that the goods are in good condition and quality to deliver you.

* Wholesale price competitive.
All ladder parts except aluminum tube are produced by ourselves, we are good at cost & product quality control.

* 15 month product warranty guarantee.
Product is no doubt the core, which we always keep in mind whether we're production workers, bosses or sales staff.

DEYOU has always preferred to be partner with customers, rather than a simple business relationship. If you have never been involved in the ladder industry, we are willing to be with you, growing together and getting stronger together; if you are in this industry, we are willing to be your most loyal backing, explore more possibilities of ladders with you, fully support you, and help you.
The biggest feature that we can stand out is that we always maintain the creation enthusiasm of exploring more possibilities of products and the efficient execution ability. We keep developing new products for clients to ensure there is always the growth in your follow-up business while maintaining the stable quality of original products.

* 62 kinds of telescopic ladders | 14 kinds of household ladders.
DEYOU factory is one of the most comprehensive telescopic ladder kinds factories in China.

* ISO9001 quality system | European standard CE, EN131, EN14183.

* Save cost | Products customizable | Support mixed batch order | Free sample | One-stop solution | Fast delivery | 2h in response

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How do I use a household step ladder?
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