EN131 Telescopic Ladder Professional Manufacturer DEYOU

Item No.: ST320M
MOQ: 100/pieces
OEM: Available
Sample: Available
Port: Ningbo, Shanghai China
Payment: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL
Supply Ability: 3000 piece per week
Lead Time: 7~25 days
Warranty: 365 days

Telescopic Ladder Overview

● Certified EN131-6:2019 by TUV.
● Slow Down Design Telescopic Ladder for Home RV Loft and roof top tent.
● Extension Height: 320cm  Safe Working Height: 380cm
● Max capacity: 150kgs/ 330lbs.
Two girls are using a en131 telescopic ladder to hang a painting
A girl is climbing up a en131 telescopic ladder to repair curtains
en131 telescopic ladder for roof tent

Ladder Features

top retractable swivel bracket of en131 telescopic ladder en131 telescopic ladder step reinfored with screws
             Top retractable swivel bracket
                Step reinforced with screws
            Safety grip wall bumpers for firm grip and stability
                             Physical stability & anti step fall
anti broken plastic coupling of en131 telescopic ladder air soft close technology of en131 telescopic ladder
              Anti-broken plastic coupling
                  Air soft close technology
                       Applied 1000 times falling to ground
                           to ensure the coupling hardness
                Slow-falling system for avoiding pinching fingers

Ladder Specification

Model ST200C ST260C ST290C ST320C ST380C ST440C
Step 7 9 10 11 13 15
Extension Height 200cm 260cm 290cm 320cm 380cm 440cm
Max Working Height 260cm 320cm 350cm 380cm 440cm 500cm
Closed Height 69cm 75cm 78cm 81cm 87cm 94cm
Product Weight 4.9kgs 6.6kgs 7.6kgs 8.7kgs 10.6kgs 12.3kgs
CBM 0.027 0.03 0.033 0.035 0.038 0.044

More About EN131-6 Telescopic Ladder

● One-Button Retraction, Slow Down Design telescopic ladder.
● 2-3s constant speed falling down for each step is good telescopic ladder.
● At least the following tests are required:
Strength and bending test
 Lateral deflection test of the ladder
▷ Rungs/steps strength test
    ▷ Pull out test of rung/step
● EN131-6 standard aim to the finger safety of users and easy retraction.