RV One Button Retraction Telescopic Ladder for Roof Tent

Item No.: ST380N
MOQ: 100/pieces
OEM: Available
Sample: Available
Port: Ningbo, Shanghai China
Payment: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL
Supply Ability: 3000 piece per week
Lead Time: 7~25 days

Telescopic Ladder Overview

● Takes up little room in rv, garage, or vehicle. Operating is easy due to its light weight.
● Extension Height: 380cm  Safe Working Height: 440cm
● Max capacity: 150kgs/ 330lbs.
one button retraction ladder for roof tent
a man is opening a one button retraction ladder
one button retraction ladder for camper

Ladder Features

premium quality nylon coupling of one button retraction ladder seamless strong aluminium pipe of one button retraction ladder
           Premium quality Nylon coupling
           Seamless strong aluminium pipe
         good toughness and wear resistance, long service life
                               effectively anti tube broken;
                         durable T6063 aluminium material
switch of one button retraction ladder air soft close technology of one button retraction ladder
                    One button retraction
                  Air soft close technology
                                   for easy closure of ladder
                 slow-falling system for avoiding finger pinched

Ladder Specification

Model ST200N ST260N ST290N ST320N ST380N ST440N
Step 7 9 10 11 13 15
Extension Height 200cm 260cm 290cm 320cm 380cm 440cm
Max Working Height 260cm 320cm 350cm 380cm 440cm 500cm
Closed Height 66cm 72cm 75cm 78cm 84cm 91cm
Product Weight 4.9kgs 6.6kgs 7.6kgs 8.7kgs 10.6kgs 12.3kgs
CBM 0.027 0.03 0.033 0.035 0.038 0.044

Why DEYOU One Button Retraction Ladder

● ISO 9001 factory, produce standardizedly.
● Ladder with certificates of EN131-6 European Standard, safer & reassuring.
● Many styles. Home grade and Professional grade series.
● Build your own ladder brand with first-class quality. Factory free customization service.
● Factory price, low procurement cost.