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Item No.: ST380M
MOQ: 100/pieces
OEM: Available
Sample: Available
Port: Ningbo China
Payment: T/T, L/C
Place of Origin: China
Supply Ability: 3000 piece per week

This slow-down telescopic ladder is an upgraded version of the one-button slow-down telescopic ladder. The one-button telescopic ladder only has lock buttons on the penultimate step of the ladder to retract the whole ladder, and this telescopic ladder, like the traditional telescopic ladder, has lock buttons for every steps, and each step is rectracted slowly. It combines the advantages of two telescopic ladders, which is safer and easier to operate without hurting our fingers.                                                                                  
Safety brackets are added to the top of the ladder, which is the latest ladder requirement in Europe, which can increase the safety of ladder use.                                                                                      
Ladders treated with seamless aluminum tubes are strong and durable, greatly reducing the risk of ladder breakage.

Ladder Feature:                                                                                                            
● Slow down desgin, it can effectively prevent fingers clipping injury.                                                      
● Each step retraction function for easier, every step can be operated individually.                                            
● Latest EN131 standard safety bracket.                                                                                  
● Premium 6061 aluminum alloy with seamless metal finishing. Very steady loading capacity. Not easy to break.
● Rung-by-rung height adjustment. You can adjust the height of the ladder as you like.
● Compact for easy storage and transportation.
● Fits easily into car or cupboard.
● The surface of aluminium is oxidized, which can prolong the life of telescopic ladder.                                      
● Plastic parts is reinforced with nylon fibre to improves load capacity, stability, aging resistance and extends service life.
● Max loading 150kgs (330lbs).
● EN131.

Model ST260M ST290M ST320M
Step 9 10 11
Height 2.6m/8.5ft 2.9m/9.5ft 3.2m/10.5ft
CBM 0.029 0.032 0.036


10+ years of foreign trade experience allows us to have different professional advice for different clients, whether it's about the product or something other than the product (such as packaging, marketing strategies, after-sales advice, etc.) to help them gain a larger sales market and profit , For example, for brand customers, we can help them design ladder packaging to build their brand image. Of course, if customers have their own designs, we will also produce packaging in full accordance with customer requirements. For some small MOQ & noob wholesaler customers, we recommend adding some additional details under the cost-saving standard packaging to distinguish from the homogeneous products in the market.

Regarding delivery, when you discuss all details with our salesman and sign a formal contract, the factory will prepare materials immediately for production after receiving your deposit. Generally the production can be finished in 25~30 days. All matters of international delivery, the salesman will handle the whole process and ensure the ladders are in good condition and quality to your place.

We are the most loyal backing supporters of our customers. If you have any doubts or want to get more specific advice, please feel free to talk with us online.

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