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Choosing the suitable working at height ladder

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Update time : 2021-11-20 15:29:23

The UK's 2020 "Fatal Workplace Injury" annual statistical report found that the construction industry accounts for a large part of it, and falling from height is the main cause of fatal accidents.

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In the case of working at height, it’s crucial that workers are using the suitable ladder to help decrease the risk of incidents. Different type of working at height ladders really should be used for certain jobs.
The latest ‘Workplace Fatal Injuries in the UK 2020' Annual Data report from the Health Safety Executive (HSE) found that even though there has been a 24% reduction in the number of damaging accidents in 2019/20, the construction industry still take up the significant proportion, and falls from height remains the most important cause of fatal incidents.
With this in mind, having the correct equipment available are able to play a vital factor in helping to improve essential safety on site and additionally reduce the number of incidents that could occur when ever working at height.
So , what are the ladders that workman should utilize at different kinds of working at height place?
Step ladders
Step ladders are some of the most typical types of work at height equipment used by people. Providing a safer and stable methods for working, step ladders are available in a range of various working heights and additionally styles, such as
multi telescopic ladder and combination step ladders.
Regulations prohibit overstretching or standing above the recommended working height of the ladder, which is one of the standard causes of upon site, so it’s important workman check the standing upright height and the estimated reach. If they can not safely reach this, workers should consider a different style of ladder, such as some sort of extension ladder, providing three points from contact can be held at all times. If not, they'll likely may need to opt for a scaffolding tower on the other hand.
Fibreglass ladders
Fibreglass ladders are essential to workers working about electricity. One of the main important things about it is usually that they are designed with non-conductive stiles, reducing chance possibility of electric shock.
Fibreglass ladders can also be extremely resistant so that can bear weathering and do not break down, ideal for these individuals who doing work in wet or drenched  environments.
Scaffolding towers
When working at height for long periods, for example over half-hour, a scaffolding tower is going to be a more acceptable option rather than a ladder.
When it comes to scaffolding towers, there is a wide variety of types to choose from. In order to select the most suitable solution, workers must closely obtain the requirements of the job, including working height, whether they’re doing work indoors or outdoors, the need for capability to move and any special requirements such as working hard around obstacle.
By being experienced with the different type of ladders when working at height, workers will be able to get informed choices any time, helping to slow up the risk of incidents on site.



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