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Multi-Choice Tent Ladder 7-Kinds All Telescopic

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When we decide to see the vast world with our own eyes, a car and a tent is all we have to rest in, in order to be able to travel lightly, select a telescopic ladder that does not take up space as roof tent ladder will be the choice of most outdoor enthusiasts.


Why choose telescopic ladder?

Because it is strong yet lightweight, and most importantly, retractable qualities make it very space-saving, a gap or even a small corner can be placed it, ideal for taking on a journey in the car.

a roof tent ladder in the car

At present, there are mainly these kinds of telescopic extension ladder on the market, respectively, there are different ways of fixing to the tent, suitable for different tents with.

Three options of telescopic ladders for roof tent

How accessories work with telescopic ladders

Large hook

There are two types of hooks on the market, one with external screw fixing and one with built-in insertion.

External screw fixing, it fits all single-sided telescopic ladders that have been purchased without hooks installed at your home. It is a universal style. It requires a little DIY hands-on skills to install the hook on the ladder, use screwdriver, bolts, screws and other tools to fix the hook bracket on the top step of the ladder, you can refer to the picture below.

telescopic ladder with external screw fixing hook for roof top tent

Built-in insertion type, one-touch installation and removal, convenient and quick operation. Just remember to confirm whether the top tread of the ladder has installation switches (Figure 1 below) before buy the telescopic ladder, the one with the switches is the telescopic ladder suitable for installation of built-in insertion hook (there is no difference in price between this telescopic ladder and the telescopic ladder fixed with external screws). The installation is as in the following figure 2, without additional tools.

how to install the built-in insertion hook to the telescopic ladder as tent ladder

Small hook

External: Small size, does not take up space, flexible installation, suitable for a variety of fixed size tents, as well as a variety of sizes of telescopic ladders, can be installed by the stores selling ladders to help you.

A telescopic ladder with a small external hook can be used as a tent ladder

Built-in type: When you buy a telescopic ladder, choose a ladder with a top tread that has mounting switches (Figure 1 below). Installation method same as the built-in insertion hook.

The best way to use a telescopic ladder as a tent ladder is to add a small hook on the top

The above 2 kinds of metal small hooks, suitable for tent dealer/ distributor/ retailer/ wholesaler to buy.


Suitable for users whose original roof tent is not configured with a telescopic ladder. Buy a full set of accessories and ladder, back home and DIY, drill holes in the tent stand and ladder, then you can put them together.

DIY telescopic roof top tent ladder


DEYOU's telescopic tent ladder

telescopic ladder with three accessories used as tent ladder

Optimal Cost-Saving Match

Classic Telescopic Ladder + Accessories*3
2.6m telescopic ladder is light and compact, can cover all the height of the roof top tent on the open length, and its closed height is only 75cm, which is easy to carry and does not occupy the space.
● MOQ: 100pcs
● Lead Time: 7-29 days
● Quality Guarantee: 550 days


Optimal Security Match

Finger Safety RV Telescoping Ladder + Accessories*3

There are safety guarantees for using the slow fall down design telescopic ladder, especially our fingers will not be injured; One-touch retraction function also facilitates the operation of ladder collection.
● MOQ: 100pcs
● Lead Time: 7-29 days
● Quality Guarantee: 550 days

rv telescoping ladder with three accessories used as tent ladder
the best suitable telescoping roof top tent ladder

Best Overall

Swivel PVC Bracket Telescoping Roof Top Tent Ladder

It has all the advantages of the above two ladders, lightweight, safety, slow-descending system and one button retraction; Its top retractable bracket manufactured as the latest EN131 standard can grip the tent securely.
● MOQ: 100pcs
● Lead Time: 7-29 days
● Quality Guarantee: 550 days

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