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Which type of ladder is best for home use?

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Update time : 2022-05-31 16:54:44
Ladders for home use are different from engineering ladders. Users prefer beautiful, lightweight, small space to place, easy to store, and easy to take out ladders for use anytime, anywhere. According to these characteristics, we have a recommended list, if you have never bought a ladder before, brace yourself for a detailed ladder description. Also keep in mind that durability, stability, and general safety guarantees are also important and worth considering when choosing a ladder. After comparing and testing these ladders a lot, we believe our picks should allow you to safely repair every ceiling fan, clean every gutters, wash every window, and even climb on the roof for repairs.

ladder for home use, repair ceiling fan, clean gutters, clean windows
For indoor work or lower reach outdoor tasks, we recommend a wide step 
household ladder with handrails. This ladder is unique because the size of each step is much larger than the steps of other home ladders, so it can support your entire foot well to move freely, the edge of the uppermost step is made according to the human body curve, allowing users to not feel uncomfortable when touching the edge of the step. Compared to traditional ladder designs, this setup provides a more comfortable balance and range of motion as you work. Its maximum working height is 7 feet - an average person should be able to climb to about 10 feet high, which is enough to clean first-floor windows or light fixtures on standard ceilings.

Utility tray; and a tool tray is installed on the top of the ladder, which can bear a weight of 10 kg and can place more tools. When you work, you can take out the tools you need from the tool tray at any time, which is very convenient and practical.

It can be used by all ages; its frame is large enough to effectively ensure the stability of the ladder; the safety handrail allows the elderly and children to use the ladder very safely.

Ladder height choice is wide; this ladder is available in 7 models, and if you feel that 7 feet is too high for you, you can choose the lower height.
Considering the comprehensive performance of this ladder, we think it is the best ladder for home use.

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