Attention! the misunderstanding of telescopic ladder

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How to choose the correct height ladder?

Ladder, as hardware tool,  has two categories, home use and industrial use. Telescopic ladder are biased towards home use, especially single telescopic ladder.

Under the category, there are many models to choose. I know that many friends start to have a headache when choosing one ladder from 8.5ft(2.6m), 11.5ft(3.2m), 12.5ft(3.8m)... 20.3ft(6.2m)! my god, dizziness, just choose the tallest one!

It is a wrong thought that the taller the ladder, the better it is. Tall ladders are often heavy and require certain skills and strength to operate. If we only need to climb high at home, tall ladders are actually not that convenient. In short, choose the right one is the best.
Next, I'd like to show you how to choose the right ladder.

1. Family size

Recommend 8.5ft(2.6m), 11.5ft(3.2m), 12.5ft(3.8m).

Because generally our house height doesn't exceed 10.4ft(3.15m), 12.5ft(3.8m) telescopic ladder is enough to use in many scenes of home.

2. Countryard size

Recommend 12.5ft(3.8m), 14.5ft(4.4m), 16.7ft(5.1m).

People will feel scared when using the ladders over 16.4ft(5m), And due to safety concerns, climbing activities at heights over 16.4ft(5m) should be carried out by professionals.

3. Maintenance worker size

Recommend 16.4ft(5m), 18.4ft(5.6m)---multi telescopic ladder.

Workers need a stable environment when climbing working, and the A-shaped multi telescopic ladder is the safest device state.

4. Special size

Recommend 20.4ft(6.2m), 23.3ft(7.1m).

23.3ft(7.1m) is the highest height that a single telescopic ladder can reach at present.

After reading the above introduction, do you already know how to choose the right ladder? Or you can contact us for more professional recommendations!

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