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Which is the safest telescopic ladder?

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Update time : 2022-05-17 18:03:22
In fact, choosing a telescopic ladder only needs to look at your own needs. The most suitable one is the best and safest. Because the quality of the telescopic ladders on the market has passed the test, the safety risk is not very big, as long as you buy from formal channels, and its price you purchase is not outrageous, so you don't need to worry about safety issues, but I can also understand that people think that everything configured to the extreme is, such as raw materials, material thickness, plastic parts and craftsmanship, to ensure 100% personal safety. Of course, there is no problem in thinking this way. Climbing is a risky thing after all.
Everything has its two sides. When the configuration is increased, the weight will also increase. One of the biggest features of the telescopic ladder is its lightness.
We won't discuss whether other features are compatible here, like you wanna ladder lightness, and meantime you wanna ladder safety increased, we just think about which ladder is the safest one, and then introduce it to you.

The safest single-sided telescopic ladder:

en131 telescopic ladder

Frosted aluminum alloy surface, the oxidized aluminum alloy is sprayed with a layer of paint to increase the thickness of the material and this extra protective surface can also prevent aluminum alloy corrosion; thickened aluminum material ensures the firmness and safe use of the ladder; the entire ladder is seamlessly connected by aluminum tubes. It avoids the risk of the ladder breaking due to the weak force point of the ladder tube; and the unique switch design is to cooperate with the redesigned ladder connection method, so that the entire ladder components are assembled together more naturally and stably.

The safest multipurpose telescopic ladder:

new frame multipurpose telescopic ladder

It is the same series as the single-sided telescopic ladder mentioned above. The whole ladder configuration adopts the best raw materials, and the hinge connecting the two single-sided ladders is thickened and reinforced. Regardless of the cost, safety is the only factor to be considered.
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