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Are automated machines suitable for the ladder industry?

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Update time : 2021-11-18 15:45:57


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Technology has always been moving forward, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already in the making. For the future trend, everyone generally believes that it is the era of Intelligence, that is, Factory Intelligence and Production Intelligence. Intelligence is beneficial to the output and quality control of factory production, but people is also worried that automated machines will squeeze and threaten human job opportunities. Although such a possibility exists, if robots and artificial intelligence really become a threat to people's work, we are also convinced that this is an inevitable choice for social progress.

Not long ago,
DEYOU aluminum ladder factory ushered in a new machine member - Automatic pipe cutting machine. As a non-high-tech industrial factory, our feelings are more representative of the practical significance of intelligence to the industry, more universal, and can also reflect the current level of automated machinery industry.

Let’s briefly talk about the pros and cons of using automated machines. Pipe cutting is the most accident-prone stage for workers. Using machines instead of labor can prevent workers from being injured. I think this is meaningful; and in the background terminal, people can directly set all the positions of raw materials needed to be cut and punch, it is more accurate than manual control, but the disadvantage is that the efficiency of machine is not higher than the worker's streamlined production, because the current machine can only operate a single material one by one, cannot by large-scale. But this problem will be solved in the future.

In addition, one of the issues that all of us is most concerned about should be whether the automatic pipe cutting machine in our factory occupies the job opportunities of workers. In fact, it does not. The machine also needs personnel to operate and supervise.

The disappearance of one original job will be accompanied by another new job appearing, I believe that in the future, new life style and production methods will also give birth to new jobs.



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