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How do I use a household step ladder?

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Update time : 2021-12-14 16:08:47
Household ladders are common in homes and workplaces, and they have a wide range of uses - they can be used for everything from plastering ceilings and cleaning windows to replacing light bulbs and redecorating living rooms.

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Folding ladders are usually very safe to use. They are self-standing, so you don't have to lean the ladder against the wall, and the steps are quite comfortable to stand up.
Having said that, working at heights is always potentially dangerous, and even if you use a ladder, it is important to take certain precautions to minimize the risk of injury.
We donwant you to get injured when using a ladder, so here are some useful ladder safety advice from the experts of DEYOU Ladder Company
Ladder safety tips
Household step ladder is ideal for fast, low-risk work. If you need to work at heights for more than half an hour, you should consider alternative access solutions.
Perform a brief visual inspection of your ladder before use. Make sure that there are no signs of damage.
Make sure all the feet of the ladder are firmly on the ground and keep in contact with the ground at all times.
Make sure that the ladder is fully extended and the locking mechanism is engaged.
Do not exceed the maximum load limit of the ladder. Remember, it's not just your own weight that matters - avoid carrying heavy objects when using a ladder.
If possible, the position of the steps should make you face your work, rather than rotating and working sideways.
Don't overreach. Don't stretch to reach something, but can step down and reposition the ladder as needed.
Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder - preferably two feet and one hand. If you need your hands to work freely, place your feet on the same step of the ladder and use the ladder itself to support your knees or chest as the third point of contact.

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