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What is the biggest telescopic ladder?

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Update time : 2021-12-09 13:31:33
Among all the types of telescopic ladders, the multi telescopic ladder is the largest, and there are many sizes of multi telescopic ladders can be chosen. In my factory 6.2 meters (3.1+3.1 meters) is currently the largest and highest ladder.

If it is an ordinary traditional ladder, how to store a 6.2-meter ladder is a big problem, because generally the height of a residential apartment or house doesnt even exceed 3 meters. The foldable feature of telescopic ladder perfectly solves this problem, its only 100cm after a 6.2-meter telescopic ladder is folded, which is very space saving.

And on the market, as i research, 8.2-meters double sided ladder is the biggest one.
But is height everything for a telescopic ladder?
You should ask yourself, do you really need or feel comfortable using an 8.2m ladder?
8.2m is quite high. When climbing an 8.2m ladder outdoors, if you are not used to using a ladder, it can be really daunting.
In addition, carrying the extra weight of a very long telescopic ladder also presents obvious difficulties. They are naturally more bulky.
If you are only interested in using telescopic ladders in your house for general work (such as entering the attic, cleaning drains, and painting stairs), then buying the biggest telescopic ladder may be a waste of money.
Evaluate your needs and only buy ladders that are a little longer than the ladder you actually need. In this way, you will have the most suitable ladder-it may be lighter or smaller, or it may be cheaper.
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