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Are telescopic ladders safe for loft?

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Update time : 2022-05-16 09:58:22
Ladders are the only tool to enter the attic. Now families who consider buying attic ladder may be tangled when choosing one. In the past, there were only a few types of attic ladder on the market, so there was no need to be very tangled. Now other types of ladders are gradually joining in, so consumers don’t know which one is best for them, which one is of the best quality and lasts the longest.
Traditional attic ladders are generally divided into two types, wooden straight ladders and wooden folding ladders, as well as electric ones. In recent years, telescopic ladders and household ladder have also been chosen.

While all attic ladders have their benefits, in this article we're mainly discussing about
telescopic attic ladder -- ideal for those who looking to save space -- because telescopic ladder just require a little clearance or storage space.
Four advantages:
1, They are perfect for small and tight spaces
It’s praised for their space-saving properties. In fact, they require virtually no clearance space or storage space in your attic, and require only minimal landing space.

en131 telescopic ladder, space saving ladder
2, They look good
Unlike some ladders that look bulky, it has a minimalist design that is very modern and beautiful. For families who are looking for room layout, it will be your best choice.

aluminum telescoping attic ladder
3, They are easy to use
While most attic stairs require extension, telescopic loft ladder is lightweight and easy to open. This is a very handy feature if you need to access to the loft frequently.

telescopic step ladder
4, They are easy to install
Most of our telescopic ladder are designed to be used at home. It’s so easy to install - even for newbies. Once installed, they ensure safe and secure access to all attic spaces.

extendable telescopic folding step ladder
After introducing some features of the practical tool, the most important question, also everyone is more concerned about, which is our title, is telescopic ladder safe for loft?
Generally, the height of the attic will not exceed 3 meters, and the size selection of telescopic ladder within 3 meters is absolutely 100% strong and has no risk of breaking, whether it is single-sided, double-sided, multipurpose or professional telescopic loft ladder, because it’s combination ladder, the risk of use will increase with the length, so within the house use height it’s safest.

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