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Are Telescopic Ladder Safe?

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Update time : 2022-03-28 17:51:15
Every time I google telescopic ladders, I always see someone asking if the telescopic ladder is safe and if it is sturdy. I believe that the person who asks this question is interested in this ladder, but because they haven't used it yet, so they will be worried. As a telescopic ladder manufacturer, it is necessary to truthfully tell you what kind of ladder a telescopic ladder is.
telescopic ladder is made of aluminum alloy, which has high strength, and the specific strength is close to that of high alloy steel, the specific stiffness exceeds that of steel, and it has good casting performance and plastic workability, good corrosion resistance and weldability. As long as you follow the correct method of use, avoid more than 150kgs and do not use the top 4 steps of the ladder, the telescopic ladder is definitely a good ladder that is strong and durable.

telescopic ladder raw material, aluminum alloy material
Some features of the telescopic ladder are double-sided. It’s easy to store and carry because it is retractable, it is a combination ladder, and it is not cast in one piece, so it has the possibility of falling parts, which is the main question feedback from consumers.
It is generally these two parts that fall, the lock pins and the step.

a girl standing on a telescopic ladder, graffiti with telescopic ladder
The fall off of the lock pins will not endanger user’s safety, but the fall of one lock pin may affect the function of the entire ladder. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, we added a program during the production process of the ladder, This is the ladder drop test. Our inspectors will put the ladder upright to 90° from the ground and let the ladder fall naturally, then check whether the lock pins of the ladder will fall off. If there are more than 2pcs pins fall off, it is unqualified, and if 5 out of 100 ladders fail off, then this batch of products is to be reworked.
In fact, the lock pin is easy to install back, if you encounter this situation, you can contact us, or follow our youtube channel, we will publish a detailed repair video to teach how to repair the ladder.

telescopic ladder manufacturers, telescopic ladder quality inspection
If the lower steps of the ladder falls off, the safety problem will not be great, but if you are standing on higher step and suddenly encounter the step falling off, the emotions of fear will make you panic all of a sudden, leading to an occurrence of safety accidents. At this time, the most important thing for us is to keep calm, because the steps will not fall off on both sides at the same time, one side is maintained, the another side will not fall off very much. As long as we keep calm and step back down  to lower step, accidents can be avoided.
Of course, this is a safety hazard that manufacturers should avoid, although sometimes the product will have minor changes due to factors such as transportation and the way users store it.
A perfect solution is to screw the coupling tightly to the ladder column. If you want to avoid this safety question, it is recommended to buy a
telescopic ladder with rivets.

telescopic ladder with screws
All safety problems are because the quality of the products is not up to standard, which has little to do with the type of ladder products. Telescopic ladder is a good & safe ladder.
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